Does your industry require a specialized tool for any equipment you use? Does your industry require a specially made tool to help make a job infinitely easier? If so, you are looking for a tool and die manufacturer.

What Do Tool and Die Makers Do

What Do They Do?

Tool and die manufacturers usually work within a toolroom environment. These experts are skilled in many areas of craftsmanship, and typically learn their trade via hand-on experience and academic coursework. Similar to other trades, tool and die manufacturers start with apprenticeships and work their way up to being fully-fledged tool and die makers. 

These skilled craftsmen typically make jigs, fixtures, machine tools, gauges, dies, and cutting tools to complement other manufacturing processes. Makers usually work off of engineering drawings they either develop themselves or from a third party to cut and size raw materials. This is done using machine tools such as grinding machines, lathes and power tools. 

Not only are these makers skilled in engineering, but they are artists as they infuse art and science into a perfectly balanced product to make tools that have sleek form and function. Most makers use computer software such as CAD, CNC, and CAM to help them engineer and manufacture their dies and tools.

Selecting A Tool And Die Maker

Experience is the most important factor when selecting a tool and die manufacturer San Antonio TX provider. Selecting a service provider that has created thousands of tools is something to look for as they will have the knowledge and expertise to get you what you need in an affordable and timely manner.

Selecting a provider that meets the welding standards of AWS-D-17.1 is also important to ensure that your finished product is high-quality and up to industry code. It’s also important to choose a service provider that has a long repertoire or working with big names in the industry such as the United States Air force or Lockheed Martin which are known for using all kinds of specialty parts and tools.  

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