Maybe your teeth aren’t looking as white as they used to. Or, maybe you have a perfect set of pearly whites and want to keep it that way. Either way, it’s important to know what causes teeth to lose their luster. Even if you opt for Teeth Whitening in Brooklyn NY, you will need to support healthy teeth color to maintain it. Here are some major factors to consider.

What you Put in Your Mouth

Unfortunately, plenty of common foods and drinks can stain your choppers. Coffee, tea, red wine, even cola, are some of the leading culprits. It may surprise you to learn that healthier foods like apples and potatoes may cause discoloration as well. Eat and drink these things in moderation, and clean your teeth afterwards. Also, one of the many, many reasons smoking is bad for you is that it can stain your teeth. Consider that another reason to quit!

Bad Dental Habits

If you didn’t wash your hair, you would expect it to get dirty and nasty, wouldn’t you? Teeth are no different than other parts of the body. If you’re not brushing and flossing per your dentist’s recommendations, you’re opening them up to discoloration and worse. Teeth Whitening in Brooklyn NY can help, but the damage may run deeper than the color.


Discolored teeth can be the sign of a disease or infection, especially if the change comes suddenly and your diet and dental habits are good. If you think this may be the case, see your dentist quickly.

Good, Old-Fashioned Genetics

Lastly, you may need Teeth Whitening in Brooklyn NY just because poor tooth color has been handed down through your family for generations. You can’t fight your DNA, but you can make healthy and cosmetic choices to help.

No-one wants their smile to lose its shine. Keep these tips in mind to keep your teeth in shape!

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