When your friends aren’t feeling well, you want to do something to lift their spirits. However, that can be hard if you don’t live close to them. Instead of abandoning the idea, look for some different ways you can help your friends. Here are some ways you can help them feel better. 

Send Flowers

You don’t have to live near someone to send them flowers. You can look for a flower shop online Boston MA that will deliver to your friend. Choose flowers with bright colors and in a variety that will add some color to their day. If you know what their favorite flower is, that’s even better. Make sure you include a note letting your friend know how much you love them and that you hope they feel better soon, so they know who the flowers are from. 

Care Package

With a quick search online, you’ll likely find that many different companies offer care packages that you can tailor to your friend’s situation. If they have a cold, you can include tissues, cold medicine, and a gift card to watch a movie online. If they deal with depression and aren’t feeling well, you could send them a box of their favorite chocolates and a bath bomb to help them soak their troubles away. Just getting a package from you will help them know how much they are loved. 

Order Lunch

When your friend is sick, they likely won’t feel like making food. Luckily, with mobile food delivery apps, you can send food to anyone anywhere around the United States. Order food that you know they’ll enjoy and perhaps go the extra mile by sending two meals, so they have something to warm up later on. Make sure that you choose something that reheats well as their second meal. You don’t want your money to be wasted because the food fell apart when it was reheated and had to be tossed out.

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