Your concealed carry license gives you the freedom to bring your firearm with you anywhere and everywhere you go. But how you carry your handgun is up to you! There are many options for women for concealed carry accessories and apparel, from bags to holsters to specialized clothing. If you are looking for some new concealment gear, consider these ideas.


Carrying your firearm in a purse or bag gives you quick and easy access whenever you may need it. Keeping your handgun inside of a purse can be a great option for those who already use a bag to carry their things. To do so safely, be sure to purchase a purse specially made for concealed carrying. These often have holsters already built in for easier access.

Jackets and Vests

Concealed Carry Options for Women

Concealment jackets and vests allow you to carry your firearms comfortably without sacrificing fashion. They also help you keep your handguns close and can help protect against theft. Those looking to purchase a concealment vest or jacket can choose from tactical and casual options, depending on their unique lifestyle and needs.

Shorts and Leggings

For women who wish to carry while wearing dresses or skirts, concealment shorts and leggings provide an ideal solution. These items are made with comfortable compression material that safely holds your firearm close to your thigh while providing shaping and support. These shorts and leggings include pockets on the inner thigh to prevent your handgun from showing through clothes.

Shirts and Sports Bras

Concealed carry shirts include a holster on the side so you can carry your firearm against your ribcage. These shirts can be worn as undershirts or under outerwear, such as cardigans and jackets. Sports bras also serve as comfortable and functional options for women who wish to carry during athletic training. These items are useful for those who want a quick draw when needed.

It is important for women to have practical options to concealed carry safely. Consider trying out one or more of the options presented in this guide.

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