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Because they facilitate movement between floors for a number of key individuals, including delivery personnel, residents, employees and repair workers, elevators must receive regular maintenance. Prior to choosing an elevator service company, building management should develop and implement a maintenance plan. Then, the facilities administrator should negotiate a maintenance contract. Finally, managers should investigate elevator innovations to improve efficiency, address potential issues and communicate elevator repair and downtime with its users.

Maintenance Plan

State and local governments require that elevators receive regular upkeep. Maintenance plans encourage the proactive identification of potential and future repair needs. For example, even regularly maintained elevators may have computer disruptions, hydraulic damage, door failures and damaged cables. Early identification prevents these minor failures from becoming major issues, enabling their repair during regular business hours and preventing expensive emergency calls.

Your plan should also include details about the manufacturer’s warranty. If you experience issues and your elevator is outside the manufacturer’s stated elevator lifetime, you should expect to replace part or all of the elevator system.


Building managers should negotiate initial and annual costs, hourly and overtime rates and repair costs. Maintenance requirements, such as upkeep and repair time, contract coverage, building needs, lubrication, performance and communication testing, as well as priorities, should also be discussed.

Your contract may also include elevator overhauls or complete replacements when necessary. You may discuss higher-priced repairs, such as new rail installation or the replacement or addition of an entire elevator system.


Building managers should investigate new elevator technologies. For example, sensors may signal changes in the operation of the elevator. In addition, the software may monitor and control functionality through tracking of noise level and speed data.


Facilities personnel should maintain open communication with elevator users concerning maintenance and repair, including the time the elevator will be out of service and the repairs being completed.

Develop a maintenance plan, negotiate your contract and research innovations, but keep your building’s elevator users informed about any service disruptions or concerns.

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