Skills such as cooking, cleaning, balancing finances and developing friendships feel like such a common occurrence, that they often get overlooked. If you care for someone or are friends with a person who has autism, then you understand living on the spectrum can create some difficulty in developing those skills easily. 

As with any condition, living on the spectrum can present itself differently in individuals depending on where the person falls on the autism spectrum. 

Showing Support

To support your loved one or friend, offering a safe environment and educating yourself on behaviors and surroundings that may be a trigger is a big part of lending support. You can also utilize fundamental training sessions, such as, skill development training Toledo OH, to help facilitate a foundation for how to interact and handle the daily life skills that may not come as naturally to the person with autism in your life.

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Encouragement, structure, and preparation can all play a role in helping your friend or loved one feel secure. Preparing a person with autism for living on their own and how to feel happy and functioning in society is an essential goal to lending them the tools they need to achieve their dreams and goals.

Remembering Self-Care 

The role required for showing care and loving attention to the person with autism in your life can cause you to forget to slow down and take time to recharge. Take time to connect with people who also support someone with autism. Remember to breathe and do things you enjoy as well, so you can feel your best you.

If you are a caregiver or simply someone who loves to help and wants to see your friend succeed, you need to make sure you’re allowing yourself the energy to keep lending support. You’re not alone, and neither is the person in your life with autism. 

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