It’s a tale as old as time. You get dressed for that big interview or that black-tie affair, and your mother’s old advice starts playing in your head. “Never wear different colored shoes and belts.” Brown belt, brown shoes. Black belt, black shoes. But in these modern times, does the advice still stand? How can you be sure your formalwear is appropriate to the occasion? Here is some expert advice that may help you succeed at your next party.

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Matching Belts and Shoes

The more formal the occasion, the more the match matters. If you’re wearing an all-out tuxedo, do be sure your black shoes are matched with an equally dark belt. However, with more casual attire the modern wisdom is to make sure the two complement each other. This might mean wearing different shades of brown, or mixing up the textures. Try combining some of the full grain leather Scottsdale AZ is known for with a distressed watchband or crosshatch shoes. Breaking some conventional rules can have a striking effect if done intentionally and with style.

Dealing With Buttons

When working a suit, it’s important to never close the bottom button. Whether your suit has two, three or more buttons, only the middle button is supposed to be clasped. This makes it easier to move around and sit without ruining the suit, and it just looks so much better. Additionally, be sure to keep the top button of your dress shirt closed at all times. If that isn’t possible, it may be time for a larger shirt!

Suits are a fashion statement that can be made as powerfully now as a hundred years ago. They represent class, style, and sophistication. Correctly worn, your formalwear can be a power move that can make a significant difference in the way you’re perceived – both by others and by yourself.

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