Historic homes offer homeowners a chance to own a piece of the past. Often, they need to be restored to capture their former glory. These four tips can help you tackle this large commitment with gusto.

Water Damage

Any home can experience the negative effects of water damage. Historic homes have had more opportunities to experience water damage. Depending on how long the home was vacant, the damage may be extensive. This is where the restoration industry Stamford CT comes in handy. Using experienced professionals can help you spot water damage that affects the home’s foundation. Tackling the exterior first allows the interior to remain dry and ready for the next improvement. Besides, even if the home is not 100% perfect, the outside will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Budget Limits

Tackling a historic home renovation is not cheap. To avoid breaking the budget, consider starting on a smaller home or focus on specific projects at a time. The main focus should be on replacing damaged items with high-quality materials that save money and time in the long run. Structure your budget based on the current resale value in the market and what you can afford to spend. Then plan the renovation based on that.

Time Commitment

Prepare yourself for the time commitment involved with restoring an older home. Unless you have unlimited capital, the renovation process takes time. Historic homes offer a combination of old-world charm and lack of modern creature comforts. Some homes have been retrofitted with HVAC or plumbing, but those may not work continuously as expected. Plan for this and your restoration process will be easier to live through.

Helpful Teammates

Don’t undervalue the expertise and experience of those in the business. Assemble a team of experts from contractors to inspectors to help you determine the estimated costs and timelines for completing the project. They can help you decide what is the most important thing to do first and the best places to save a few dollars. Look for talented people who can help you achieve your dream.

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