Although there’s a lot of controversy in the news about the use of guns in schools and other disastrous scenerios, there are still many reasons why carrying a gun is a good idea. Those who choose or are required to do so for personal safety reasons, or in the line of work should understand a few important safety issues.

Lock it Up

The first and perhaps most important safety consideration is that all be kept away from children and teens at all times. Just leaving your pistol, loaded or unloaded, on the nightstand or dresser is just an accident waiting to happen. A gun safe is a good idea as well as locking trigger cables. There are hidden stairways safes, as well as wall shelf safes where a gun can be locked away out of sight, but is still easily accessible when it is needed.

Keep it Hidden

Carrying a concealed weapon requires a special license in most states. Many people keep their gun in a waist or hip holster inside their clothing. Although effective, this can be harder to get fast access to as well as bulky and uncomfortable when bending or sitting. A concealed ankle holster maybe more practical with clothing as well as easier to get to if it is needed quickly.

Safety Training

Learning the ins-and-outs of the gun itself – what each of the parts is called how it functions and operates is key to using your weapon safely. Spend some time in training and at a practice range learning the proper stance, safe holding techniques, and make sure your gun is sighted in so you don’t have a disaster. Learn to observe what is behind the target to avoid shooting into areas such as parks or parking lots.

Guns are not unsafe, people who use guns irresponsibly can be unsafe. Learning the proper techniques and safety measures including storing and carrying your weapon safely can make you a much more responsible user.

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