After setting up your appointment with hair color specialists Chesapeake VA, you want to be completely ready for your sessions. You want to bring everything you need for the big day. Additionally, you never know if something you do with your hair can impact the coloring process. These tips can help you prepare for your first session and ensure it is a success. 

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1. Bring a Reference

There is a strong chance that your decision to dye your hair was inspired by a celebrity, someone you know or even a random image. It is a good idea to bring one or several references to guide the stylists. There is some controversy over how we perceive and describe color and whether that is subjective or objective. Bringing some sample photos will make it easier to explain, even if it may not come out exactly as you want it. 

2. Avoid Shampoo

While it makes sense to clean your hair before the procedure, you should try to avoid using shampoo right before. Shampooing your hair may lead to dryness, which can escalate into damage during the dying process. Additionally, a film of natural oil can protect your hair against some of the harsh chemicals used during the coloring. Use shampoo no less than 24 hours before the appointment to keep your hair clean without the drawbacks. 

3. Shape Your Hair

Before the process, you might want to shape your hair naturally. This means avoiding heat tools and arranging your hair in the way you usually have it. This practice helps the colorists understand how you want your hair, so they can dye it in a way that complements your regular style. Additionally, a natural shape also highlights shadow and light the best, making this task easier. 

Coloring your hair provides you with a fresh new look when it is done properly. These hair care tips, as well as your colorist’s own guidelines, will make this process smooth and effective. 

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