Final flight
Get shed in the moss (2:29 of your time for some loveliness)

oh oh, massive on black appears to be superior

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Posted by moggierocket on 2009-08-23 21:23:19

Tagged: , I guess I am in a black and white temper , I know I preserve declaring this, but my abandonment e book is owing. I expect the proof duplicate in the mail tomorrow. , Ok I got the proof duplicate from Blurb right now and it is no superior, far too dark and dull. I need to do it all around. I am not in a superior temper. , —ObraMaestra— , I extra this photograph to the e book now that I experienced to do it around in any case , ArtLibreS , stairs , BW , peeling , deserted , hospital , outdated , wall , curly , iron , ironwork , staircase , neglect

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