is a smart and integrated service that provides travelers a more convenient and useful service which provides them the flexibility to securely drop their luggage at the available storage places. There is a huge risk for travelers to have their luggage being lost, misdirected or even damaged during the busy travel season. This service operates well as it has a strong network that involves a tie-up with the leading hotels, retail outlets, existing businesses, cafes and other establishments who are willing to be a part of the network. The company is in the process of adding a few more locations and targeting other cities as well. The consumers have access to the service by using the website as well as the latest mobile application. It becomes pretty difficult when you wish to go sightseeing around the place but your heavy luggage does not allow you to do so.

Once a traveler has decided that he wishes to avail of the luggage storage services you just need to log on to the website. Then you can browse further to search for the ideal luggage storage location using the map or the list of establishments from which the services can be utilized. It is easy to find a luggage location near you as the city has many luggage storage spots that are easily accessible at prime locations. The use of technology has enabled to improve the travel experience dramatically due to possible integration of the various establishments at one website which the traveler can make the best use of. So whether you are flying to another city, moving to work or holidaying during the weekends, the luggage storage service charges you only for the number of hours you spend storing luggage again at a low hourly charge.

The security of the luggage is always taken care of by placing security seals on each of the bags using zippers so that no one will tamper with the luggage in the absence of the owner. Again having collaborated with the prominent insurance companies every time a person who uses luggage service, has an insurance cover free of charge. The booking process is very simple, which does not require any download but you simply book the service by following the link provided for booking luggage. The existing customers are just delighted to have such a service that very securely takes care of their belongings. Customers are happy as there are no size restrictions and you can store all your luggage easily.

It is a win-win solution for both the service provider and the customers as they have to pay only for the number of hours for which they use the luggage storage. It has only certified local shops in its network as the safety and security of the people is the utmost priority. The storage personnel is well instructed on how to handle the luggage. They do not accept cash payments and all the payments are directly accepted in the web application for safety purposes. Whenever you observe any deviations you can report the same immediately to the customer care or helpline numbers mentioned clearly on the website.

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