Part of business success is branding. Branding is how your customers recognize you and distinguish you from the competition. It is also increasingly how customers find you and choose you. The importance of it cannot be understated, but you may find yourself struggling to know how to create a coherent brand. Here are just a few ideas about where to start. 


First of all, consider the look not only of your advertising and your platforms but also the product itself. With styling choices and custom retail packaging, you can do a lot to build your brand and your messaging.


Above all, everything about your branding should forward your broader message. Make sure that you have a clear message to transmit to customers and make sure that your branding is doing everything it can to support that messaging. Your message is what you want to say to your customers and clients. Your brand is how you will do that to greatest effect and with greatest efficiency. That is why it is so important to coordinate both of these items.


It is important to choose your messaging and your branding with care, because the third pillar of successful branding is consistency. Whatever message you choose and whatever branding you decide will be the best way to promote that message, you will be stuck with it for no small amount of time. Brand recognition comes only with time; it cannot be rushed, and it can easily be undermined. 

Branding is especially important in this age of quick scrolling social media and viral marketing. If you take care to think about the look of your branding, make sure that you have a coherent message in your branding, and practice consistency across different media and across time, then you will find brand success and enjoy the benefits of having a solid, coherent brand. 

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