Smart shopping starts with saving money. Unfortunately, clothing can be expensive. Especially if you are buying certain outfits for work, others for going out, and even more clothes for sitting around the house. Luckily, you can cover all of these situations with only one outfit if you know how to accessorize.

Ready for the Office

In order to get started, you need to purchase one very basic outfit. One of the best options available is a pair of classic black pants and a black tank top. For daytime wear, put a light-colored jacket over it. Accessorize with understated jewelry such as pearl studs and a simple silver chain. Pumps or dressed up flats will complete the look along with a mid-sized bag.

Stepping Out

Once the work day is over, it is time to go out on the town. Whether it is dinner with your guy or a girls’ night out, you can quickly dress up that same basic outfit. Skip the jacket completely and accessorize with bolder jewelry pieces. Larger gold earrings such as thick hoops work nicely along with a chunky, oversized necklace in bolder colors. Wedges or dressy sandals add another element of style along with a sparkly evening bag.

A Great Day Off

Believe it or not, this same outfit will be just as trendy when spending the day at home. Keep shoes simple with understated slides or flip flops. Add a soft sweater in muted or pastel tones or a stylish hoodie in bright, bold colors to keep the chill off while keeping it casual. Several Bella Ryan bracelets worn together with stud earrings is all the jewelry you need.

If you know how to completely change an outfit by simply switching out your accessories, you will be able to make your clothing dollar stretch further. When done properly, you can have a well-rounded wardrobe of clothing that will cover all of your needs without having to buy an overabundance of individual outfits.

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