Even if you’re rushing around campus in sweats to make early morning class, your hair doesn’t have to add to the fact that you just woke up. Not on the curriculum, but definitely on the calendar, is scouting out new favorite places for cuts, highlights, weaves, eyebrow shaping, facials and other beauty salon and spa services.

Be the Highlight of Campus

Lighten up

If you’re in a dorm in Maryland, for example, and you just want to find hair cutting Columbia MD when split ends start to look sloppy, consider adding a subtle or bold pop with color. If you opt for highlights, first consider the color and type of highlight you want. Do you want chunky, bold color or just a whisper of color (e.g., baby lights)? Do you want the ends bright but the roots a bit darker (e.g., balayage, ombre or teasy lights)? Are you looking for face-framing trendy pink chunks?

Looks for All Hair Types 

For brown and light brown hair, a sun-kissed look can be achieved with baby lights. Baby lights are tiny, tiny pieces of hair that are highlighted in foils for the most subtle look. If you’re going lighter (highlight), your hair will need to be bleached first to strip the color. Some like the platinum blonde look with the natural undertones. You can also add back a little color with a toner during the rinse. Hey, it’s college, why not even go blue, purple or pink? Hair still needs to be stripped to add the color, but you can always go back to your natural hair during your next visit. 

Whatever you choose, this new look can help you look and feel good even when you’re rolling out of bed to get to class. Find what works for you and don’t hold yourself back, there are so many options to choose from!

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