When you or a loved one are arrested, you are bound to have many questions about the process and things like bail, court dates and attorneys. Some of the most common questions have to do with the bail bond process, such as how bail is determined, what a bond is and what happens if you miss a court date.

Bail Questions

How Is Bail Set?

One of the first things that happens after you are arrested is that you are processed into the court and jail systems. You will then have a bail hearing where a judge will weigh the seriousness of the crime against ties to the community, criminal history and other factors. Bail guidelines vary depending on the jurisdiction, but the judge determines whether bail will be granted, the amount and whether it can be bonded. Your bondsman is one of the best ways to stay informed of these proceedings if you cannot be there in person and you can find one by searching for bail bonds near me Allentown PA companies.

What Is a Bond?

bail bond is an agreement between you, the bondsman and the court saying that you will pay between ten and twenty percent of the bail to the bondsman and in return, he or she will guarantee that you show up to court dates. Your bondsman may ask for collateral up to the total amount of the bail in case you flee, and the bondsman must pay the full bail amount.

What Happens If You Miss a Court Date?

Missing a court date while out on bail is a separate offense and can come with jail time, forfeiture of the bail amount or collateral, and the issue of an arrest warrant. This is sometimes called “jumping bail” and some jurisdictions can send bounty hunters to aid law enforcement in bringing you back.

The bail system is in place to help ensure that fewer people are incarcerated before trial while still giving the accused an incentive to show up for court dates. You can get help with this process from a licensed bail bondsman.

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