When you and your partner are ready to get engaged, you may struggle to find the perfect way to pop the question. There are a variety of venues, methods, and personality types to take into consideration when you begin your happily-ever-after. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for the day when you finally ask your other half to say “Yes”.

The Location

It is important to know your partner’s preference. Would she love a public proposal splashed on the big screen? Or would he prefer an intimate picnic where you had your first date? Knowing who to share this moment with can be nearly as important as knowing your significant other will say yes.

The Ring

Some couples have started proposing with a stand-in ring, then shopping for wedding rings NYC together to properly suit the taste and style of your significant other. Some couples choose to have separate rings for the engagement and wedding, others elect to have one ring with a second band after the marriage certificate is signed.

The Presentation

There is a multitude of ways to surprise your future spouse with The Big Question. A bended knee in an apple orchard is good for some, others prefer a champagne flute with the ring in the bottom. You may choose to use an ornate, custom ring box or simply hold the rock between your thumb and index finger.

Each marriage and each proposal is unique to the couple in question. There are endless possibilities, from the very traditional proposals straight from the movies to the outlandish proposals straight from internet challenges. Finding what suits you and your soon-to-be fiancée will let you start the next step in your relationship on the right foot instead of doing something to please the crowd.

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