Bra Styles

A brassiere is an integral component of most women’s daily wardrobe, an undergarment that serves multiple functions. Besides propriety and modesty, this piece also provides support and elevation. For those blessed with an abundance of curvature, it can even provide relief from uncomfortable weight and movement. They also prevent unwanted shifting during exercise and laborious tasks. In the modern age, there is a growing number of the female population who support bralessness. This trend is especially popular among the younger generations, with many millennials refusing to don bras and pushing back against social conventions and workplace dress codes that require them to do so. Despite this, the market for these garments remains a large one, with many retailers like Lulalu carrying them. The worth of the global lingerie industry was reported as approximately $38.19 billion in 2017. It is projected to continue growing. This foundational wear comes in many different styles. Here are five of the most in-demand ones.

1. Padded Bras

These have foam inserts that create an appearance of greater chest volume. They may also be used by individuals with uneven breast sizes to make a smoother, more even look. They are great for shaping and reinforcing.

2. Sports Bras

Comfort and functionality are the ruling factors of today. As may be inferred from their name, the primary use for these is as exercise gear. They tightly bind the chest area to prevent pain and discomfort caused by jiggling during running, jumping and other physical activities. Many people wear them by themselves. Sports bras have become increasingly popular for everyday usage as well due to how comfy they are. Their shipments alone, excluding other forms of bras, are predicted to reach a value of $38.4 billion by 2026 worldwide.

3. Bralettes

This type is known for being completely free of structure: There is no padding, no underwire and no lining. Like the sports bra it is favored for the high level of comfort it supplies, but it is also considered fashionable. Bralettes are commonly made of flimsier, prettier materials like lace, microfiber and mesh and may come with decorative additions like embroidery or delicate straps. The lightweight piece of clothing is occasionally worn as outerwear or preteen undershirts. 

4. Push-up Bras

Push-up bras push cleavage up to enhance their visibility and flatter the silhouette. Many have underwired half or demi cups. Their padding is angled, and they are often paired with low neck outfits. They are also seamless, making them virtually invisible and eliminating worries about lines showing through tops. Their ability to be worn with just about anything increases their popularity. 

5. Balcony Bras

Uplift is the biggest advantage of this style. These have wider straps than regular bras that lift from the bottom of the cup. They also have less coverage. They are excellent for granting fuller shape to lower set and drooping breasts. 

Bras come in more styles than listed here, well over 20 and are also available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Finding the right shape for an individual body can be a difficult task, so it may take many test trials to find the best fit.

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