Whether you want to reward your team for their perseverance in handling a high-pressure project, team-build to strengthen collaboration, or celebrate a holiday, corporate events are a great way to show you value the dedication of your employees.

If you already have a space in mind for your corporate events Campbell County KY but are unsure of how you want to make use of it, here are some easy ideas to create a memorable night.

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Taste Testing

Wine is generally what everyone thinks when it comes to hosting a tasting event, but other beverages such as beer or coffee might be fun alternatives. If you want to avoid alcohol entirely, you could go with chocolate or cheese as your theme, or even host an international night with desserts and dishes from all over the world. 

Learn a New Skill

Maybe your team would like to brush up on something practical like cooking, or dabble in the adventurous with belly dancing or krav maga. Either way, it’s a no-pressure way for everyone to experience something new. Who knows, it might not just be a memorable night of shenanigans, you could discover a new hobby.

Stage a Live Show

Concerts don’t have to have to mean crowded audiences, over-priced refreshments and long lines to use the facilities. When you host your own concert, everyone is a VIP. Instead of taking out a loan to hire a celebrity, you could tap a local tribute band or club favorite to play everyone’s favorite hits as you host dinner.

Host a Movie Night

Creating your own private theater is rather easy with the current technology available. You could poll your employees for their favorite films and genres and have a themed event based on the top picks. A period piece could be viewed while guests are served high tea, or a cheesy horror film could be enhanced with creepy decor.

Planning a corporate event is an act of collaboration itself. If you tailor your themes and activities to the sensibilities of your team, it will be a guaranteed success. 

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