An estimated 80 million women suffer from some level of hair loss. Hair loss in women can happen for a variety of reasons, from hairstyles to medical treatments. Regardless of the cause, the result can be depressing and devastating to a woman’s self-esteem. Below are three ways you can deal with hair loss.

1. Hair Growth Treatments

There are many options on the shelf at local stores that may be able to aid in the regrowth of hair. Many popular brands have shown great success in helping patients fill in sparse areas or to regrow areas that once had lost all their hair. Minoxidil is a popular treatment that some may swear by. It’s important to read the information and ingredients on the box, since some may find the solution can irritate.

2. Wigs

One solution that can be done without worrying about chemical scalp irritation, is to try a wig. Wigs have changed drastically over the past few decades and are now very difficult to detect. If you find your hair is only thinning, maybe extensions would suit you better. Take some time to research whether wigs Westchester County NY or extensions may be right for you and your specific needs.

3. Corticosteroids

Some women with hair loss from alopecia, have found success in using corticosteroids. It can be administered as an injection directly into the site of hair loss, or as a lotion or cream. Although doctors may use this option as a last resort, it can only help an area that has already lost hair and won’t help stop further hair loss.

Dealing with female hair loss can be an emotional rollercoaster. There are many options out there that can help slow hair loss or help to regrow hair. Speak with your doctor about what options may be right for you.

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